Return Policy


Refunds are granted in extenuating circumstances (doubled payment, wrong course, already took course etc.); if the course has not been started.

There are no refunds for a completed course. Please make sure you have not already taken a workshop before purchasing.

Partial refunds of 50% of the cost may be granted, within two (2) days if the course you want refunded has already been started. No refund will be granted if the course has been started beyond (and including) Chapter two.

Participants who fail to complete the course within 30 days but less than 45 days may have their course re-set to complete within 5 days.

Participants who fail to complete the course within 45 days will have to repurchase the course with no refund.

In the event of any other circumstance A-Team Consulting Group will work with participants to complete their course.
Participants may call, email or text with regard to any refund concerns.

Refunds will NOT be granted in cases of testing improprieties, false claims of fraud, erroneous chargebacks, completed coursework etc. 

We will make every effort to work with those who have legitimate concerns.